I. Bereavement support

Dealing with a Loss
Life goes on, but is altered, for those who survive the death of a loved one. After the dying and the death, the gatherings and the rituals, the loss is real and the changes permanent for those who loved the deceased most.

The Catholic Cemeteries support Parish Bereavement Ministry through the parishes of the Archdiocese. A Parish Bereavement Committee or Bereavement Minister may be in place ready to help after a death. Do not let fear, pride or embarrassment keep you from asking for and making use of that gentle ministry.

In addition, the Catholic Cemeteries provide direct grief education and grief support opportunities, primarily through the expertise and experience of Patrick V. Dean, MEd.,CT, our Director of Grief Education Services (414 438 4420 x5416 or patrickdean@griefwork.com).

More Information
Laugh, Cry, Smile, Love…
Grief Support Resources  (A comprehensive listing of help throughout the ten-county Archdiocese)
The Common Ground of Grief  (Topical grief education presentations and conducted grief support group meetings)

The grief journey is uniquely yours. Accept its pace…as it is. It will take longer, go in surprising directions, bring new people into your life and come out at an unknown destination. Grief has its individual and solitary aspects, but it also has its shared and communal dimensions. The passage of time alone and the quest to stay busy or distracted will not bring about the healing, insight, understanding and acceptance you need in your grief. Capable and sufficient help is around.


A Tradition of Comforting Concern

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