Considerations for Cemetery Interment

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee operates eight cemeteries totaling about 1,000 acres of burial space — God's Acres. Respectful of the promise of the Resurrection, the landscaping is beautiful and inspiring. The grounds are meticulously kept in all seasons. We have placed evocative religious art and created special devotional features and meditation areas. Our burial grounds have welcoming entrances and speak with genuine, consoling beauty. An on-going beautification program assures an environment of natural serenity.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries have provided for in-ground burial services uninterrupted in the Milwaukee area since our founding at Calvary Cemetery in 1857. In-ground interment remains a traditional choice for the area's Christian faithful.

Detailed Grave Considerations

  Flush Marker Grave Privileges
In this category of graves the memorial must remain level with the ground. Decorations may be placed in a permanent in-ground vase during spring, summer and fall. Winter decorations are allowed on a tripod or similar stand. A marker may include more than one grave. Nothing may ever be simply stuck in the ground outside of winter at a flush marker grave.

  Raised Marker Grave Privileges
In this second category of graves the memorial can rise out of the ground (bevel, slant, monument). Raised marker and monument privileges vary from section to section, cemetery to cemetery. Annual or perennial plantings are allowed on three sides of the memorial or four sides if graves are owned on both sides of the grave memorial. Permanent in-ground vases are also permitted. Again, nothing may ever be simply stuck in the ground outside of winter at a raised marker grave.

  Burial Vault
An outer burial container or vault is required for all casket burials. It is not included in the cost of the grave or burial service fee. We sell vaults for both full-body and cremation burials, but you may purchase one fmo a funeral home as well, with a possibility of a separate handling fee.

The Catholic Cemeteries desire adequate and dignified memorialization for all burials. We can help you purchase a granite or bronze memorial. Other special memorialization, such as permanent vases with floral arrangements, granite etchings and photo ceramics, is available additional expense.

  Burial Service Fee
This is often called Opening & Closing by funeral directors. The Catholic Cemeteries charge variable fees to place a person in a grave, crypt or niche, whether full-body or after cremation. The Burial Service Fee can be pre-paid to avoid future price increases and avoid any further payments to the Cemeteries. If a burial is scheduled on any Saturday, an overtime surcharge is also incurred.

Your Catholic Cemeteries grounds are open every day from dawn to dusk for visits to graves. Please contact the individual cemeteries for specific mausoleum visitation hours.

Families are usually aware of family members already interred in a cemetery and want burial space near them. We are as accommodating as possible, but burial space is sold on a first-come first-served basis.

  Assured Heritage
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries reserves a portion of every grave sale, even beyond Wisconsin State requirements, in a special endowed (perpetual) care fund to assure preservation of these sacred burial grounds and maintain their continued operation.


We have eight different cemeteries each with many grave locations and options, you can inquire about grave interment or initiate a purchase of a grave by calling or visiting any of our cemeteries to talk with a Family Service advisor. We pledge to make a full disclosure of all your options and their costs.

A Tradition of Comforting Concern

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