Configurations for Cemetery Interment

The options for in-ground burial include grave spaces as singles or doubles, even triples and quads. Six to twelve-grave family lots are also plotted. Smaller partial graves are also available for infants or cremated remains. Availability varies from cemetery to cemetery.

Graves are priced according to the type of grave memorial ultimately permissible at the grave:

Flush (lawn-level) marker graves
Raised (bevel, slant, monument) marker graves.

Prices change periodically, so inquire at a cemetery office to current pricing.

Burial Regulations

Burial regulations, like many things, have changed over time. It is, therefore, impossible to make a blanket statement about this topic. We would encourage you, if you already own grave spaces, to contact the cemetery you own spaces at and ask whatever questions you may have.

A completed Burial Right Assignment Form is the best way for an original owner (a married couple exercises joint ownership) or their heirs to clearly define whether a burial space will be used for full-body burial or cremated remains and by whom. This Form can be completed and later altered with no charge by contacting the appropriate Cemetery Office. This work can be done by mail, too.

Beyond the purchase of a burial space (grave), the payment of a Burial Service Fee is required for each person. This is often called Opening & Closing by funeral directors. The Catholic Cemeteries charge variable fees to place a person in a grave, crypt or niche, whether full-body or after cremation. The Burial Service Fee can be pre-paid to avoid future price increases and avoid any further payments to the Cemeteries. If a burial is scheduled on any Saturday, an overtime surcharge is also incurred.

Brochure: Burial Options: Cemetery Interment

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