Considerations for Cremated Remains

Cremation is chosen more and more frequently by Catholics. The choice of cremation is NOT the final choice, however. The choice of cremation requires the subsequent choice of a location for final, permanent, reverent and memorialized placement of the cremated remains.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee operates seven mausoleums containing above-ground niches and we have columbariums in various locations within most of our cemeteries. Our mausoleums and columbariums are built using construction materials and engineering principles that insure permanence.

Niche Considerations

Your Catholic Cemeteries have an ongoing program of constructing and providing different locations for niches, both inside and outside. We have niches in chapels and in corridors, in outside malls or patios and in special religious shrines.

We offer various sizes to accommodate one or more cremation urns. We have fronts glass and marble inside and granite outside.

  Secured environment
After mausoleum hours, our interior niches and several courtyards are protected by security and lighting systems. Our mausoleums are closed only three days of the year.

  Proximity to chapels, shrines and other meditation areas
Interior niches in chapels and corridors remain comfortable for visitation and prayer regardless of the weather. The consolation and rich symbolism of the Catholic Christian Faith is palpable.

The front of the niches, whether glass, marble or granite often serves as the memorial for the deceased. Niches may also include an "Eternal Light." Bronze memorialization such as patron saints, religious symbols, emblems, photo ceramics and floral vases are available as options at extra expense.

  Assured Heritage
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries reserves a portion of every niche sales, even beyond state requirements, in a special endowed (perpetual) care fund to assure the preservation of these sacred burial grounds and to maintain their continued operation.

The civil government considers cremation to be final disposition of a human person. The Catholic Church believes that cremated remains ought to be handled and treated like a body. So, placement in a Catholic cemetery assures a respectful, permanent, accessible burial site.

  Insurance protection
In the unfortunate event of vandalism, any damaged or stole memorialization (emblems, vases, photoceramics and the like) is the responsibility of the purchaser, not the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries. Despite our efforts in prevention, people can willinfully steal, harm or damage objects bought in loving memory of deceased family and friends.

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