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Baesl, Theresa   (1844-1916)

Theres Augustin was born October 25, 1844 in Stachesried, Bavaria. Stachesried is located less than three miles from the border of Bohemia - today's Czech Republic. Theres was the fifth of six children, and all but one of her siblings married and had a family. Theres' parents, Peter Augustin and Barbara Preu, brought their family to Kossuth, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin in June 1854, through the port of Buffalo. On December 29, 1864, Theres married Joseph Baesl, in Kossuth. Joseph had been born in Donau (now Hajek), Bohemia (now Czech Republic) - just five miles from Theres' hometown of Stachesried. It is unlikely that they knew each other before emigrating, but it is certainly possible. Joseph and Theres had eleven children between 1865 and 1881, and at least eight of them married and had families. Joseph died in 1881, at the Basel Farm in Whitelaw, Wisconsin - just one month after his five-year old son John died. He left Theres with ten young children - five less than ten years old, and one less than a one month old. Both of Theres' parents survived him. In 1900, Theres was living with her son Peter. Theres died January 24, 1916, in Milwaukee, of "fatty deterioration of the heart and heart failure". She is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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