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Dembinski, Tekla   (1888-1978)

Tekla Tomaszewska (Married Name: Dembinska) was born 12 Sep 1888 in Wrzesnia (Poland). She came to America in 1909. Tekla's brother Franciszek X. Tomaszewski was a polish journalist in Detroit. In 1912 she married Tomasz Dembinski. Tekla is a children from a school strike by Polish children in May 1901 in response to the intensification of Germanization (i.e. prohibition of Polish language at school).For refusing to stop speaking Polish, Polish children were flogged and beaten for several hours by Prussian teachers, in a manner so severe that some of the children had their flesh stripped from their arms. Parents who tried to break into the school and protect their children from Prussian teachers were punished later by Prussian court stating that their actions were "atrocious acts against the state".

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