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Hoffer, Lionel L.   (1950-1994)

They’re beautiful – the angels. So good and kind. I envy them.

Some people are almost angels. You’ve seen them. Kindly, gentle people; willing to go the extra mile for their fellow human beings.

One can usually identify such people by their appearance and demeanor. I don’t mean that they stand on corners hawking money for needy causes or wear the costume of some organized religion. No, they have an attitude.

I can usually tell the angels from all the others after a few minutes observation. Sometimes, though, it takes longer.

Once I had to follow a woman for parts of three days. It was a nuisance but I had to know.

I am almost always right. I am hardly ever wrong.

I hate to be wrong.

I know that I have been wrong, that I have misjudged someone, or worse, been misled by them when they struggle…

The real angels never suffer. God bless them.

Lionel Hoffer, 1989

M.F.D. Badge 280 Lionel L. Hoffer (3-16-1992)
Lionel Hoffer's Crypt at Saint Adalbert Mausoleum

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