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Jacob Lipp
Date of Death:
Date of Burial:
Age at Death:
Marital Status:
Funeral Home:
Holy Cross Cemetery
Block: 31
Lot: 145
Grave: 1

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If you are using this genealogy search engine as a hobbyist to obtain "family tree" information, please remember that the information provided represents so much more than text on a page. The people provided by your search represent a faithful community of Christ's disciples. They are family members and friends that are responsible for our existence as we know it and are surely preparing a place in heaven for all of us. With that understanding, we encourage you to use the above links to express your faith, grief, reconciliation and love.

Most importantly, we encourage you to visit your Catholic Cemetery where you can be with your loved one in spirit. God bless you and your respect and reverence for the deceased.

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